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Tri-blend T-shirt print

Tri-blend T-shirt print

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  • طباعة مقاومة للغسيلWaterproof printing
  • جودة طباعة عاليةHigh quality material
  • توصيل سريعFast shipping and delivery
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Product Description

Print your own design on a cotton T-shirt woven using the distinctive Tri-Blend method. Comfortable and light T-shirt suitable for unisex. 100% cotton and tri-cotton material with easy stretchability. This product cannot be described enough, as it is considered one of the most popular products among the masses, and you will certainly be impressed by how distinctive this material is.


Triblend T-Shirt Print Size Chart

Shipping duration

The product is prepared and delivered within 7-9 days from the date of order

Advantages of Tri-Blend printing

We provide you with a professional printing service for all your personal designs for all occasions. We prepare and print all designs quickly and accurately. To order, all you have to do is upload your design and leave the rest to us. We will process and print the design on the products using the best printing techniques

  • تصميم طباعة تيشيرت تراي بلند

    The latest printing methods

    The process of printing and preparing your orders is done using the latest and best printing methods used in this field. Before starting any printing process, we improve the quality of the images to show the best results, and then the printing process is carried out using the DTG machine for printing on fabrics, which is considered one of the best and most accurate printing machines.

  • تيشيرت تراي بلند للشحن

    Fast shipping and delivery

    After printing and preparing your orders, the specialized team checks the quality of printing and your design, and then the order is sent for shipping, where it reaches you as quickly as possible.

  • تيشيرت تراي بلند عند الاستلام

    Print that resists washing

    The DTG printing we use is distinguished from other printings, such as thermal printing, in that the printed designs and images are resistant to water and washing. We guarantee you print quality that lasts as long as possible

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We create your ideas

We do more than print Tri-Blend T-shirts. We improve your daily life. Most importantly - we contribute to supporting your ambitions, goals and achievements. And just like you - we're still at the beginning