Collection: Printing plates

Show off your creativity and print your distinctive designs and photos on wall panels in a professional manner. Made for gifting or decorating home and office walls

  • طباعة كانفس جدارية

    Perfect sizes

    Plates of various sizes suitable for all places

  • طباعة لوحات حسب الطلب

    Resistant materials

    Canvas made of polyester cotton supported on a wooden frame

  • طباعة الصورة الخاصة على لوحات جدارية

    Print quality

    We use special inks for printing to produce distinctive designs

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common questions

What are the materials used to prepare paintings?

We use cotton and polyester fabrics fixed on a wooden frame to prepare the canvas. After that, we use a mixture of special inks to print the store’s signs. After the printing process is finished, the team previews the design or image before shipping the order

What size of wall painting is available?

You can choose the most appropriate size according to your personal needs from among the available sizes. We rely on centimeters - cm in size. You can also print your image or design in three different formats: square canvas, horizontal canvas, and square canvas

What is the printing technology used for paintings?

We use DTG technology to print wall paintings. This technology produces images and designs with high clarity and accuracy. The inks used to print the designs are special inks that are resistant to washing

How to order printing of wall paintings

Choose the panel that best suits your needs from the group of available panels. Start your design by adding your image or design file, then preview the final appearance before confirming your order. Upon receipt of the order, our team will improve the quality of the image file for printing, after which the canvas printing and shipping process will take place

What is the expected time for the order to arrive?

All orders reach you within 7 to 14 days from the date of order