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Print your own design on a wide range of distinctive clothing. Choose the product and start the design process by uploading pictures or entering special phrases to create products that express your personality

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    Print quality

    High quality, wash-resistant professional printing

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    Size and colors

    A wide range of colors and sizes for all your family members

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    Fabric material

    The best materials for printing special images on clothes

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common questions

How to order printing of your design

To request to print your image on a piece of clothing or any other product, you can follow these steps: Choose the product to start the printing process, then insert your image on the product, choose the desired size and color, enter your shipping and payment information, wait So that the printed clothing and products can be sent to you

What are the methods used in the printing process?

There are two methods of printing. The first method that is used in printing on clothes is DTG printing using machines dedicated to jetting special ink on different fabrics during the printing process. This method is considered one of the best ways to obtain high quality in printing. The special design is printed precisely on the piece of clothing, then we thermally process the printed clothing to install the image on the fabric, and finally the clothing pieces go through the design and print quality preview stage before shipping the order. The second method is used for printing on accessories and products made of ceramic. First, any image or design of your own is printed on special paper for printing. After that, the paper is used to transfer your design by placing the paper on the desired product to start the pressing process. During the pressing or heat transfer process, we transfer your images or design from the paper to the product. After completing the printing process, we check the design and print quality of the images before shipping. When the shipment arrives, enjoy the quality of printing on clothes and accessories, using the best fabrics and colors to print your own design or image

Quality of clothing materials and other products

There are many different fabrics that are used for printing on clothing. The fabric used is chosen based on the type of printing required. Light fabrics are used for thin prints, while heavy fabrics are used for printing on heavier products. Cotton and polyester will be used for the best printing results on T-shirts. The cotton fabrics we use are considered one of the best types of materials with a soft and light texture to wear. In the case of printing on pullovers and hoodies, we use heavy cotton for printing. We use a material suitable for printing in all other products, such as cups, canvases, and caps

The best way to wash printing products

The best way to wash printed clothes is to use hot water and make sure to wash with clothes of similar colors. The best advice we give you is to insert the printing side inside during washing so that the print quality on the clothes lasts. As for cups, they are washed normally with soap and water

What is the expected time for the order to arrive?

All designs are printed immediately upon arrival of the order, after which the team inspects the print quality before shipping. All orders reach you within 7 to 14 days from the date of order