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Print your own design on a wide range of distinctive MyDesigner T-shirts, choose the appropriate size and color and start designing now.

  • تصميم وطباعة تيشرتات

    Print quality

    High quality, wash-resistant T-shirt printing

  • تشكيلة منتجات تيشرتات مطبوعة

    Size and colors

    A wide range of colors and sizes for all your family members

  • طباعة تيشرتات متجر مايدزاينر

    Fabric material

    We use soft cotton to print MyDesigner T-shirts

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common questions

How to order printing of your design

Simply choose the size and color to create a t-shirt that expresses your personality. After that, you can design the product by uploading an image or writing any text to create a unique design. After completing the order, the MyDesigner team will carry out the printing process to produce high-quality T-shirts, which will reach you within a few days.

How are MyDesigner T-shirts printed?

Your custom design is printed using high quality DTG printing equipment and special inks. Compared to other types of printing, DTG printing produces printing products with attractive, bright colors that are resistant to washing, and with high accuracy of the required design details.

The material used in printing T-shirts

Cotton is considered one of the best materials used in printing MyDesigner T-shirts. The material is natural, has a soft texture and is comfortable to wear. Everything you need in one T-shirt. Blended cotton is the second type that we use in some of the store’s T-shirts. This type is considered lighter in weight, but the quality is comparable to that of pure cotton materials.

The best way to wash printing products

The best way to wash a printed cotton T-shirt is to use hot water and make sure to wash the T-shirt with clothes of similar colors. The best advice we give you is to insert the front side of the T-shirt inside during washing to ensure the print quality lasts.

What is the expected time for the order to arrive?

All orders reach you within 7 to 14 days from the date of order